Our Services

Consultancy and Technical Advisory Services

We produce PPA documents for generation companies and have great relations with NERC, NBET and the system operator (SO). We act as the team that ensures that all variables needed for regulatory reporting are put into one place. We train staff and departments on what needs to be in place to adhere to NERC standards and how to record the results and report effectively and efficiently to the authorities. We devise and propose a system or portal that will eventually make all reporting automated. We also liaise with auditors when it comes to the issue of reporting requirements. We take over the function of regulatory reporting.

We intend to act as a bridge between you and the regulatory authorities. All this will minimize the risk of the company being getting fined and hit with hefty penalties by NERC. Getting these structures in place now will ensure you have a baseline for what is required and also processes in place to track changes in policy or NERC requirements and react to them without much fuss.

We take over the function of Regulatory Reporting

We understand the real-world issues you face and provide solutions to effectively resolve them. We design solutions from the prospective of a business issue, not just the I.T. symptom. This focuses the mind and avoids defining and delivering mammoth projects with little specific purpose or that take longer than the business can reasonably stand. Our approach is much more about identifying the business need and delivering against that as quickly as possible. We also help you squeeze every last bit of value from your data.

We are skilled in the Implementation of regulatory reporting system for business obligation and for the production of regulatory reports and controls. We consult and offer advisory services and support client needs in terms of regulatory reporting and decision making while conforming to rules dictated by regulators and the laws of the land.